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We have designed and installed kitchens throughout the Larne and Co. Antrim areas since our opening in 2007. Our range of Nobilia kitchens can be precisely configured to fit your home, style and ergonomic use making them the perfect fit for you.

Our expert staff are able to show you real examples we have in stock and provide detailed mockups of what your kitchen will look like giving you the best insight into how it will look. Take a look at the examples below from locally installed kitchens to get a better idea of what we can do for you. Our objective is to make your kitchen the centre of your home again and that's why we only deal with quality brands like Nobilia, Franke, NEFF and Quooker. Get in touch for more info. 

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  • Nobilia Kitchens Ballygally, Larne
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  • Nobilia Kitchens Larne
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  • Nobilia Kitchens Larne
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  • Nobilia Kitchens Larne
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  • Nobilia Kitchens Larne
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  • Nobilia Kitchens Ballygally
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  • Nobilia Kitchens Larne
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  • Nobilia Kitchens Parklands, Larne
  • Nobilia Kitchens Lansdowne Road, Larne
  • Whitehead Hazelbrae kitchen
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  • Nobilia Kitchens Magee Park, Larne
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  • Nobilia Kitchens Greenland